Container Insulation

Polyurethane Spray Foam

Polyurethane closed cell spray foam is the most efficient container home/storage insulation solution. It will offer the highest insulation value at approximately R-1 Per inch. Spray foam completely covers the surface of the corrugated shipping container walls leaving no gaps between the insulation and the container walls. There is no better moisture/vapour barrier than closed cell spray foam insulation. Do it once and do it right use closed cell spray foam insulation on your container modification!


  • Achieve approx. R1 per inch
  • Provides a moisture and vapour barrier to stop condensation forming on steel and dripping on your interior lining.
  • Quickly applied
  • Adds structural strength to internal framing by bonding everything together meaning less movement in the walls on transport.
  • Completely seals any gaps or cracks


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