Polyurethane Foam

Injectable & Sprayable Insulation Solution

Injection polyurethane foam is a slow rising foam allowing cavities and voids to be filled from an injection point. Most common use for injection is behind sheet metal cladding, stopping condensation on pipes running as low and -40 degrees Celsius. We are unable to inject polyurethane foam in to pre-existing residential walls, foam puts alot of pressure on them and could cause damage to the walls.

Spray polyurethane insulation is spray-applied by spray polyurethane professionals on site to provide a seamless, effective thermal, air and moisture barrier. It is sprayed as a liquid that immediately expands to approximately 30 times its original volume upon installation. As it expands into foam, it adheres and contours to the spray surface, filling in cracks and crevices that can cause air and water infiltration.

More Applications for polyurethane foam

Polyurethane has the highest R-value of any cavity insulation and reduced energy costs. It protects against moisture and reduces the chance of harmful mildew. It serves as a noise barrier and reduces sound transfer through a buildings roof, floors and walls, and also creates an air barrier and adds structural strength.

With so many reasons to insulate with Polyurethane foam, why not give us a call today on 021 959 069.

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